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Damnation Audio Logo T-Shirt - Pre-Order

$666.66 / Sold Out

This is all started when I wanted a sweet Damnation Audio T-Shirt for myself but when I started looking for a print shop I got hit with set up charges and minimum quantities.

So to counteract this I decided to do a T-Shirt Pre-order to reach the minimum quantities and to offer customers and fans an opportunity to wear this falls most exciting fashion. I need to order these ASAP so I will only have the pre-order open for 1 week (until 9/20/17). The shirts will be American Apparel so they should feel and wear quite nicely. This price essentially covers the costs for the screens, the shirt, the printing , and shipping (there will be a $3 up charge for orders outside the US). I am not aiming to make a big profit on this run. I am intending on having two screens created. One screen for Small, Medium, and Large shirts and another screen one for X-large and XX-Large, that way no one gets stuck with an over or under sized graphic.

As this is a Pre-Order the shirts are not in stock but I have been told could be completed early October.