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GMP Germanium MOSFET Preamp

$666.66 / Coming Soon


I am super stoked to announce this special pet project of mine called the Germanium MOSFET Preamp or the GMP.

This pedal is based on the MBD-1 with a few tweaks that I have been experimenting with to make it a little more guitar friendly but still amazing on bass!!!

Changes and Mod's include:

*A tweaked tone control placing the center frequency at around 450Hz which is inspired by the tone stacks in some of my favorite classic tube amps.
*A "Mids" knob which is a single control that varies the amount of mid contouring done by the post gain filtering. Fully counter-clockwise is the stock setting (like in my MBD-1) and fully clockwise is full mids (like a lot of classic distortion pedals).
*A smaller box. This box is roughly 4.5x3.5x1.5.
*Because of the smaller box there is no battery so make sure you use a 9V regulated power supply only.
*No blend control and the depth control is fixed to a good average of many MBD-1 users' favorite depth settings.
*A second footswitch for two different gain settings. One low to medium gain and then medium to high gain.
* The Germanium (Ge) in the name is for the NOS Ge limiting diodes that provide a smoother clipping at low gain settings.

For current MBD-1 users the sound will be in a similar territory but the added flexibility and small size is definitely a plus for tight pedal boards.

I have received a few requests for custom built GMPs from folks who have played or recorded with the prototypes which is why I decided to make it available to everyone.

I have been told this is excels at low gain bluesy jams and high gain thick sludge. I love it on bass for thick cutting mid heavy tones.

The controls are simple:
*Right footswitch is bypass
*Left footswitch is the Hi/Lo gain switch

Order details:

The total build time will be about 4 to 6 weeks from when you place your order. I am giving myself some wiggle room so that all of our expectations are in line from the start. I promise to bust my hump and do everything in my power to beat the clock but incase I take a sick day or a manufacturer is late neither of us have to stress about it.

Hit me up if you have any questions. Thank you so much for you interest!